A liberal comes to terms with Obama's failure

Richard Cohen is a left-leaning columnist for the Washington Post and other newspapers. Mr. Cohen's daughter and 258 other daughters and son and parents and children were murdered by Moammar Gadhafi, who ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.Only now, when it is possible for the United States to assist in toppling Gadhafi and in bringing about a well-deserved hangman's justice for the thousands of his murder victims, does Cohen discover that Barak Obama is a "muddle puddle" of weakness.Disgusted as he is with Obama, Mr. Cohen, a journalist and commentator who urged America to make the feeble and indecisive Obama Commander-in-Chief, cannot come to grips with his own culpability. Justice will be denied his daughter and Gadhafi's other victims because Obama is president. The moment Cohen has been years waiting for will not come.Reading this, aside from my sorrow at learning of a man's loss of a child, something else struck me.A liberal will only say "kill the...(Read Full Post)