Zuhdi Jasser's Predicament -- And Ours

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a decent man conflicted by what he wishes to be mainstream Islamic reality, as manifested in doctrine and practice since the creed's 7th century foundation, through the present. Dr. Jasser gave a one hour interview with Pamela Geller that aired on 5/22/2007, which must be heard in its entirety to understand his Weltanschauung, as well as his predicament -- and ours.Although Dr. Jasser made some noble comments, and expressed views certainly worth championing, there were unsettling aspects of some of his statements and arguments. Dr. Jasser's apologetics regarding Islamic Jew-hatred and misogyny were counterfactual. Such comments are delusive at best, perhaps out of Dr. Jasser's apparent genuine embarrassment regarding the tenets of  mainstream Islam as practiced since its advent.From minutes 20:00 through 27:30, Jasser's  discussion of Islamic Jew hatred is punctuated by ahistorical and doctrinally false apologetics (including "Golden Age"...(Read Full Post)