WWRD: What would Reagan do?

Even the casual observer will notice the regularity with which President Obama invokes the ghost of Ronald Reagan. When Obama speaks about American leadership he'll call on Reagan. If he's focusing on fiscal solvency he'll call on Reagan. Both are ironic, since America has become tepid internationally and experienced exponential spending growth under Obama's administration.Obama cites Reagan rather easily for such a decidedly leftist president. You have to wonder how many people are falling for his bluff. Obama needs to alter his image if he desires to prove his affinity with Reagan. The union showdown in Wisconsin grants the President an opportunity to achieve that goal. Failing to follow a Reagan course will confirm Obama's rhetoric as politically-driven hot air.Thousands of Wisconsin's public employees, most notably teachers, have walked off their jobs. Union bosses claim the employees are demonstrating for their collective bargaining rights. Actually, they're staging a de facto...(Read Full Post)