Who's afraid of a little election fraud?

What do Saddam Hussein, Sen. Al Franken, Hamid Karzai, Gov. Christine Gregoire, George W. Bush, Hugo Chavez, Huey Long, John F. Kennedy and Hosni Mubarak all have in common? Read on.The Kansas City Star, a McClatchy newspaper, has issues with Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State. The origin of The Star's displeasure is Kobach's involvement in drafting SB 1070, the Arizona law that gives police the latitude to ask folks for ID. Most of America thinks SB 1070 is perfectly reasonable, but not The Kansas City Star. One way The Star gets its message out is by running leftwing letters to the editor. One recent gem came from one Ascension Hernandez: "SB 1070 will create felons of people who cannot become citizens legally because the U.S. immigration system is broken.""Create felons"? Totally false, but that doesn't deter The Star from running the letter.The Star is really miffed now, because readers ignored the paper's advice and elected Kris Kobach the new Kansas...(Read Full Post)