The Brit PM's Limp Attack on Multiculturalism

A sad testimonial as to the effete state of Western culture is that even ineffectual, feminized defenses of it are applauded as brave.  Case in point: British Prime Minister David Cameron has made news by giving a speech in which he said that "state multiculturalism" has failed.  And while he earned three spots on Drudge and a "hear, hear!" from mainstream conservatives, the truth is that whether or not his words are too late, they are certainly too little.They're also just words.Let's start by saying that Cameron, like all Western leaders, is a creature of the age who is either unwilling or unable to address the real problem: immigration itself.  For it is not just multiculturalism that has failed but also the importation of multiple unassimilable cultures.  The reality is that it isn't borders, mountains, rivers, trees, rocks or animals that make a nation, but people.  Australia, the US, Canada and Taiwan only became those nations because...(Read Full Post)