ObamaCare Un-Constitutional. So What? Gimme the Freebies!

A Florida judge rightly ruled that Obamacare is un-Constitutional on the grounds that the federal government cannot force an American citizen to purchase anything. All who understand, honor, cherish and respect individual freedom are elated by the judge's ruling; a major step toward repealing Obama's tyrannous manifesto. In the Bible, Esau traded his birthright, a very important and sacred thing, for a bowl of beans. What I find extremely disturbing is the "seemingly" large number of Americans who, without the slightest reservation, would gladly trade their God-given birthright of freedom for the perceived freebie of government run health care. News flash, nothing in life is free including ObamaCare.Hidden in the 2300 page ObamaCare bill are unprecedented government controls and repeals of our freedom. Some supporters will be outraged and reject ObamaCare upon learning the truth. (Read Full Post)