Fiscal responsibility is racist!

It took a little while, but the race card has finally been played in the Wisconsin budget battle.  As responsible governors and legislatures around the country are working diligently to solve their budget woes by bringing public sector salaries and benefits back in line with the private sector, their Democrat beneficiaries, union leaders and fellow leftists are scrambling to defend the otherwise indefensible.  Failing in the arena of ideas and logic the left called out the rank and file, organizers and thugs to intimidate reform minded leaders and create a pageant of oppressed public servants for the MSM.  Now that they have failed in their attempt to crush the reform movement they have dropped the race card on the table, a sure sign of desperation.   Writing at, Steven Pitts (labor policy specialist at UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education) said “as events in Wisconsin and across the country are showing, the...(Read Full Post)