China Alleges Western Plot to Spread Turmoil Beyond the Middle East

Beijing gave some support to the uprising in Egypt because it would weaken an ally of the United States at the center of the Arab coalition against China's ally Iran. But as the rebellions have spread, the Chinese regime has become uneasy. Libya, where China had a large presence, is in crisis. Iran could be toppled. And the turmoil might spread beyond the Middle East to Asia. The Chinese Communist Party newspaper Global Times ran two recent editorials alleging a Western plot to cripple its major power rivals. "What the Western media hope is that the democratic movement would spread all over the world once for all, including in emerging powers such as China and Russia." was the assertion on Feb. 26. The argument ran as follows: For the first time in centuries, the pace of development in the emerging nations "embarrassingly" surpassed Western society....The rise of emerging countries not only dwarfs Western countries but also hoists the...(Read Full Post)