Budget victory for tea party

It's still not nearly enough but it is a very significant start. The GOP has unveiled a new budget bill after pressure from tea party freshmen that includes more than $100 billion in cuts to the federal budget.The Hill: House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) on Friday evening introduced a revised 2011 government spending bill that the GOP said will cut at least $100 billion in spending this fiscal year, bowing to demands by Tea Party-backed House freshmen.The continuing resolution funding the government after March 4 cuts deeply across all areas of domestic spending and singles out many programs for complete elimination.In the CR $81 billion has been cut from non-security programs, and security-related programs have been reduced by $19 billion, compared to Obama's 2011 budget request.The legislation will increase funding for the Department of Defense by 2 percent over last year's level.We are hearing the usual outcry from the usual suspects about how cruel and...(Read Full Post)