Budget Cuts: NLRB Good Place to Start

With great fanfare, this week the President released his new budget proposal-to a resounding thud heard around the country. After talking a big game in recent weeks trying to outpace Republicans in a move to sound like a centrist, his proposed cuts and spending show a lack of serious concern at a time we need it most.Now there are many competing theories and approaches to how to salvage our monstrous debt and chip away at the entitlements and waste that are simply unsustainable. Some are severe and some are drawn out, but there are very few left in Washington who aren't at least feeling some pressure to trim what they can. And all of this while at the same time trying to also boost the economy and add jobs.For any lawmaker looking to make the biggest bang for the buck, there is no better place to cut useless spending and free up businesses to grow and add jobs than by looking at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).As a business owner, the NLRB is an agency where my tax dollars...(Read Full Post)