Another Two Steps in the Obama Extreme Makeover

The unfurling of Barack Obama 2.0 (or the re-election version) continues according to plan. I speculated in January (Obama 2.0: The reinvention Begins) that among the steps Barack Obama would take to boost his appeal among Americans would be to play the "religious card."  Sure he goes again.From the Hill:President Obama on Thursday called his Christian faith a "sustaining force," especially in the face of those who have publicly doubted it. The president said he feels strengthened in his religious convictions when his detractors question them - a nod to those who incorrectly assert that Obama is Muslim. "My Christian faith has been a sustaining force for me over the years, all the more so when Michelle and I hear our faith questioned," Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast. The president reflected on how his faith and prayers had been particularly helpful for him in the wake of recent tragedies: the attempted assassination of...(Read Full Post)