What hath the greenies wrought?

Utopians have always been a potentially dangerous group of people. In their quest for what they view as a perfect future they are willing trample over people and facts that stand in their way. They often cause more problems than they help to solve  in their single minded pursuits (see J. R. Dunn's new book Death By Liberalism)Two Wall Street Journal editorials neatly capture the dynamic.  In the solar realm, the Federal government has been in overdrive to shower taxpayer dollars on solar power promoters and investors.The Wall Street Journal rebuts a letter from a solar lobbyist that was sent to them in response to a previous editorial noting how Massachusetts had wasted $50 million taxpayer dollars that it gave to a solar company to open a factory in the state. The company took the money, closed the factory, and expanded its operations in China. To the lobbyist, the problem was that the government is too miserly with solar schemers and the remedy is to spend more money on...(Read Full Post)