The Irony of Secular Justification for Abortion

One of the most popular attacks by pro-abortion activists on the pro-life movement is that the opponents of abortion are trying to impose their own religious beliefs on others. It is undeniable that pro-lifers tend to be partly motivated by personal religious views. That alone does not make their position an imposition of religion any more than the laws against murder, robbery, or rape are not valid just because most religions forbid these acts. Most people would agree that the key legal question is when the baby (or entity) in the womb becomes a human being entitled to equal protection under the law. Pro-choicers generally draw the line either at a specific time in the womb, or more usually at the moment the baby leaves the womb.The recent horrible case of a murderer of newborns who is a self identified abortion provider shines some light on the need for a clear definition.  Abortion supporters like to claim the mantle of science, while sneering at pro-lifers for using a...(Read Full Post)