The Constitutional Hypocrisy of the Left

I continue to be astonished by the reaction of the political Left to the Republican House majority's decision to begin the 112th Congress by reading the Constitution on the floor. This has been mocked by the New York Times (whose business depends on the First Amendment) as "theatrical pomposity" and "fundamentalism."  Today, Salon's Michael Lind opined that we ought to stop treating the Constitution as "sacred."But don't you remember when Democrats were in love with our sacred Constitution? Why, sure you do. It was only a few years ago that Democrats accused George W. Bush of "shredding our Constitution" by monitoring international phone calls of suspected terrorists. (The Constitution prohibits "unreasonable" searches. Apparently Democrats think monitoring communications of foreign terrorists is "unreasonable," but full-body scans and pat-down searches of the traveling public at airports is quite reasonable). And how...(Read Full Post)