The Baehr Essentials

1. Let's start with a quick sports summary. Nate Silver argues that the Seattle Seahawks are the worst NFL playoff team ever, and the second worst playoff team in the history of the 4 major professional sports.  And to honor their distinguished 7-9 season, the NFL gives them home field advantage against the super bowl champion Saints next week.  Was Seattle rewarded with a playoff berth in exchange for the city agreeing not to plaster its buses with anti-Israel propaganda?  I will root for Seattle next week, since if they win (unlikely I think), and the Packers beat the Eagles,  the Bears get to host Seattle the following week. I don't think Seattle can beat the Bears twice in Soldier Field in one season, and not in the cold.  And a shout-out to the stalwart Michigan representatives of the Big Ten's Legends division,  outscored 101-21 by two vastly superior SEC teams New Years Day.  The Buckeyes can restore Big Ten pride against the SEC by beating...(Read Full Post)