Racist Treatment of Illegals

The girl was brought into the country by her family, seeking asylum.  Asylum was denied, but the family evaded deportation and stayed in the country anyway.  The girl learned the language, "took cleaning jobs for cash, got a degree, found herself a... boyfriend, and last year published a book about her life as an illegal immigrant to considerable acclaim."

And then "[e]ight immigration officers arrested her last Wednesday and bundled her into the back of a van for deportation."  The girl now says she is "afraid for my own life."  The back of a van, afraid.

What kind of country would do such a thing?


Norway has a population less than 5 million spread out over 125,000 square miles (larger than New Mexico) and exports more than two million barrels of oil per day, providing its residents a per capita GDP greater than ours.  Yet it says it doesn't have room for this girl.

The Norwegian Prime Minister explained it this way, "We must handle individuals equally and not give them special treatment just because somebody receives a lot of attention.  If we bend the rules for one person, we will then get thousands of refugees lodging baseless applications for asylum. Nobody wants that."

"Nobody wants that," he says.  Maybe we should invite him to the US.  I think we could find him somebody who wants that.

Norway is sending her to Russia.  Everyone involved is white, and Norway is about the whitest country on the planet (at least 98%, per the CIA).  I'm guessing you won't hear much about this case in the US media; it doesn't fit the anti-illegal-immigration=racist narrative.  It also brings up the question of why anyone would seek asylum from Russia.  Nope, this is too hot to handle for our truth-to-power US media.

H/T: Jammie Wearing Fool, via Twitter.