Draft Olbermann for Senate? (updated)

Here's an idea that couldn't possibly go wrong: the Daily Kos liberal base fringe is already gearing up a grass roots campaign to "Draft Olbermann" for the Connecticut senate seat being vacated by Joe Lieberman. Combining the squishy foreign policy prattling of Ned Lamont with the deft political touch of Rosie O'Donnell, the gravitas of Linda McMahon and the condescending elitism of Barack Obama, Keith Olbermann may be the only potential Democrat candidate unpalatable enough to drive effete Connecticut voters into the arms of the Tea Party.

Please encourage your liberal friends and relatives to visit the
Facebook and Twitter sites already established to persuade the insufferable K.O. to make the plunge and at least consider representing the Democrats in Connecticut in 2012. If that fails, the rumblings from the lefty base suggest that the Tin Foil Hat Party may provide a full slate of candidates, as the current flock of race-baiters, mopes and useful idiots isn't living up to their pinko dream.

Ralph Alter is a regular contributor to American Thinker

Thomas Lifson adds:

Our friends in Taiwan have produced an animation on Olbermann's departure (hat tip: PJ Tatler)

Update from Richard Baehr:

This would be too good to be true. If Olbermann ran, he could secure the nomination, given the energy on the hard left among Democrats in Connecticut.  Recall that Ned Lamont beat Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary in 2006.   Connecticut has become reliably Democratic (GOP has been competitive in governors races), electing Democrats to both Senate seats (counting Lieberman as a Democrat) and all five U.S House seats and giving Barack Obama a 23% margin of victory in 2008.

But you can be too far left for Connecticut, and if Olbermann ran and were nominated, he could fail the Alan Grayson normalcy test. If former Governor Jodi Rell ran against Olbermann, or a former GOP congressman ran, Olbermann could be beaten.  The Democrats are the clear favorites if they nominate someone more mainstream.

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