President Stealth

In Britain, unions were given unprecedented power over their managers. The end result was an economy in downfall, falling living standards, and investor capital fleeing -or never coming. Margaret Thatcher broke the back of this economic regime and growth recovered.  But only after years of stagnation that set back Britain for many years.Now the so-called British disease is coming to America, thanks to deft and near invisible sleights of hand by Barack Obama.He is using one of his favorite tools, the executive order, to bring about big changes in how government workers are managed. Now their union leaders -- who do not have to be government employees -- have been given power to control how managers manage the federal work force. Furthermore, through a clever maneuver on his part, the actions that flow from this power will remain invisible to the rest of us. Obama  has made them immune from Freedom of Information Act requests. Barack Obama promised "the most transparent...(Read Full Post)