Opting out

There is something encouraging happening in America; opting out. Barack Obama was swept into office on the promise that he would "transform America for the 21st century", usher in a new era of prosperity, be careful stewards of taxpayer money, end earmarks, provide transparency so that Americans would know how every dime was spent, make the world love us, lower the sea levels, and ... well, you've heard the rest. Now that he is half way through his four year term, millions of Americans are opting out of this self proclaimed god's Garden of Eden (We are the ones we have been waiting for...).Congress set the tone, God bless ‘em, by opting out of Obamacare right from the get go. They let it be known that ... "no, no, we are going to keep our healthcare benefits; Obamacare is for all you little people out there; you dufuses that are too inept and stupid to make your own decisions."At least fourteen states are suing the federal government over Obamacare; they are...(Read Full Post)