'Lebanon burns; America snores'

Barry Rubin's got that right. The reaction of the United States and other western countries to this coup by Hezb'allah is far too sanguine. A mild threat to cut off aid (by an unnamed diplomat) plus Secretary Clinton's low key, almost ho hum response yesterday to the ascension of a Hezb'allah/Syrian/Iranian proxy to the prime ministership just doesn't cut it.These are gangsters we are dealing with. There simply is no other way to describe their modus operandi. Dr. Barry Rubin of the Gloria Center explains:Fareed Zakaria, the wildly overrated American pundit, has invented a new term, referring to Hizballah as "a quasi-terrorist group." What does this mean? It means that Hizballah runs in elections but then if it doesn't get its way it kills people.This is exactly what happened. The March 14th forces friendly to the west clearly won the parliamentary elections last summer, winning a clear majority of seats. But through threats and intimidation, Hezb'allah was able to 1)...(Read Full Post)