Is Daily Kos to blame for Gifford attack?

There's no link to the diary entry at Daily Kos that is described in this posting from Hillbuzz. That's because Kos scrubbed it. Thankfully, several bloggers were able to capture screen shots of the post that used the word "dead" in relation to Rep. Giffords several times.Diary headline: "My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!" There are also several references to "dead" in the comment thread. All of it now deleted - something Kos does on a regular basis when he wishes to change history. Kos also seems to have forgotten a posting of his calling for putting a "bullseye" on Giffords' district. The New York Times insinuated something about Sarah Palin's use of crosshairs in connection with the shooting, but so far as we have noticed, has not mentioend leftist violent rhetoiric and imagery. (Read Full Post)