Has Greenspan gotten religion?

There are certain things you just never expect to hear. Some of them follow: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi admit that George Bush was correct all alongJohn Kerry admits he married for moneyThe Pope admits there is no GodGeorge Bush admits he dodged the draftThe Supreme Court admits they decide cases based on popular opinion rather than law and insists the Constitution is only a historical artifactPresident Obama admits he is a fraud with no experience or skills other than an ability to read words in a melodious voicePaul Krugman admits he has no understanding of economics and his only interest is in getting more Democrats electedAlan Greenspan says we probably don't need a central bank This last one needs to be removed from the list. Alan Greenspan, according to Tyler Durden, may have just made such an admission: Stunner: Gold Standard Fully Supported By... Alan Greenspan!? You read that right. After such establishment "luminaries" as World Bank president Robert...(Read Full Post)