Dupnik's Real Outrage: Detroit-on-the-Desert

Clarence Dupnik, extraordinary and courageous law enforcement officer, personally congratulated by our president. That's the portrait of the Pima County sheriff who has become a hero to the national media by blaming the Tucson Safeway massacre on, among others, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party.But reality tells another picture. A little digging and the media that have used the shooting to, as one American Thinker contributor put it, "declare war" on the conservative opposition to Democratic expansion of government would discover a reality completely at odds with the bulk of the reporting by conventional media. But why allow truth to stand in the way of a convenient narrative? Reality: Pima County, the crime capital of Arizona, home of a politicized sheriff's department where progressive ideology and political correctness -- not competence -- rules.The New York Times editorial board has cast the sheriff as a valiant warrior fighting against an epidemic of...(Read Full Post)