Bush and Obama: two men and their SOTU word choices

An examination of the words used by George W. Bush in his last three State of the Union (SOTU) addresses compared to the ones used by President Obama in his two SOTU addresses plus his address to a joint session of Congress in February 2009 (essentially a SOTU address) is revealing, though the results are not exactly surprising. The table below compares the number of times certain words were used by each president in three comparable speeches. G. W. BushB. ObamaDiffWord count, total16,55520,263(3,708)Terror/terrorists/terrorism65857 Enemy/enemies34133 Freedom30327 Military/troops/armed forces341519 Citizen(s)301218 Liberty14014 Extremist(s)14113 Free [market, people, society, elections, etc.]14311 Security301911 Life251411 Courage18711 Soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines13211 Honor12210 Duty1019 Opportunity1468 Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines918 Democracy1147 Society817 Justice927 Faith1055 Victory725 Trade1174 Constitution/constitutional734 Individuals404 Tyranny303 Totalitarian303...(Read Full Post)