Big Rat Jumps Sinking Green Energy Ship (sort of)

The January edition of Scientific American contains an eye-popping interview with Vinod Khosla.  Khosla was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems.  He is a leading venture capitalist in “green” energies and an advisor to Scientific American. Khosla is starting to change his tune about the economic viability of “green” energy.Khosla on government subsidies for green energy:Anything that does not achieve unsubsidized market-competition within seven years of starting to scale is not worth subsidizing. … There are no subsidies in India. There are no subsidies for solar in Chile or Africa or most of the world.On solar and wind power:Solar and wind form a very narrow definition of clean tech, probably the least interesting segment.On environmentalists and energy:I believe most environmentalists most of the time are getting in the way of answers that make economic sense. Economic gravity always wins. That’s why I have the mantra about unsubsidized...(Read Full Post)