Beware the solution in search of a problem

So did you hear about the guy that couldn't get to his NetFlix because he was a BrightHouse user?  How about the one where the average suburban housewife suing AT&T for not being clear about her DSL speed being advertised in megabits and not megabytes? No?  Neither has anyone else, but FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is going to protect you from the possibility that such a thing could happen.  This seems odd when both the Obama Justice Department and the European Union Commission (hardly a laissez-faire organization) decided that additional net neutrailty regulation wasn't necessary.While the rules themselves are fairly innocuous (and ambiguous), the real danger is allowing the FCC police the Internet in any form.  This is the organization whose previously rules deterred the free exchange of ideas and helped keep entrenched monopolies in power. The horribly misnamed "fairness doctrine" gave the big three media companies defacto control...(Read Full Post)