Beaky Buzzard Released -- Not A Zionist Spy After All?

An update on this earlier blog:

Bandar bin Saud, Saudi Arabia's "nature authority," has admitted that allegations of Zionist avian espionage were indeed false, adding that The Kingdom employs similar devices for tracking rare bird migratory patterns. The vulture incarcerated under suspicions of spying for Israel will be released.

But don't expect any remorse for the insane, conspiratorial Jew-hating calumnies propagated by the Saudi and other Arab Muslim media. Regardless, certainly don't yawn while waiting for such a (normal) apologetic retraction-Allah be praised-lest Satan micturate in your open mouth. (Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim: "If You Don't Cover Your Mouth When You Yawn, Satan Will Urinate in Your Mouth")

Cartoonist Ronny Gordon has a take on the paranoid fantasy now rejected by Saudi authorities: