Right Wing Hate Speech Quiz

Test your knowledge now!

1. Which right-wing, fascist US president said "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun."?

  • A. Ronald Reagan
  • B. Barack Hussein Obama
  • C. Thomas Jefferson
  • D. Calvin Coolidge
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2. Which right-wing preacher called New York City "Hymietown" as a slur to Jews?

  • A. Jesse Jackson
  • B. Billy Graham
  • C. Jerry Falwell
  • D. Max Lucado
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3. Which right wing US senator accused the US Military of being no different than Pol Pot, the Soviets, or the Nazis?

  • A. Mitch McConnell
  • B. Jesse Helms
  • C. Jim DeMint
  • D. Dick Durbin
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4. Which Hitler-loving, fascist, right-wing actor wanted to stone to death (in the Biblical sense, not with marijuana) a US Congressman?

  • A. Tom Selleck
  • B. Bruce Willis
  • C. Alec Baldwin
  • D. Charlton Heston
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5. Which radio right winger wished that a US Senator and his grandchildren would contract the AIDS virus?

  • A. Nina Totenberg
  • B. Rush Limbaugh
  • C. Glenn Beck
  • D. Sean Hannity
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6. Which right-wing Senator and ex-member of the Ku Klux Klan once said "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side"? (Hint: This Senator also filibustered the Civil Rights bills of 1964 and voted against all of Pres. George W Bush's black and Hispanic judicial appointments)

  • A. Robert Taft
  • B. John Calhoun
  • C. Robert Byrd
  • D. Strom Thurmond
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7. Which rabid, right-wing presidential aide once recited the names of some political adversaries, shouting "DEAD!" after each one?

  • A. Murray Chotiner
  • B. H.R. Haldeman
  • C. John Ehrlichman
  • D. Rahm Emanuel
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8. Which seething, right wing terrorist/presidential friend tried to blow up the Pentagon, was on the FBI's most wanted list, and said later "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough."

  • A. Bill Ayers
  • B. Bill Cosby
  • C. Bill Clinton
  • D. Will Rogers
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9. Which right-wing ex-president once said of Barack Obama "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."?

  • A. Ronald Reagan
  • B. George H.W. Bush
  • C. Bill Clinton
  • D. George W. Bush
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10. Which right-wing Congressman once said to one of his constituents "I wouldn't dignify you by peeing down your leg."?

  • A. Pete Stark
  • B. Paul Ryan
  • C. Allen West
  • D. Thaddeus McCotter
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Grading scale

8-10: You are very well-informed.

5-7: Decent. However, you should consider finding more news sources.

2-4: That newspaper you read everyday is good for only two things; fish wrapping and bird cages.     

0-1: Please do the rest of us a favor and emigrate to Cuba or North Korea