About those memorial T-Shirts

Adding to the political rally atmosphere instead of memorial mood for the victims of the Tucson tragedy by a deranged assassin, were the t-shirts handed out to participants as they entered the University of Arizona's arena. The apparel didn't focus on the dead/injured nor were they the idea of the University of Arizona administration but instead were emblazoned with a President Barack Obama (D) campaign theme, "Together We Thrive." And so it should come as no surprise that they were distributed by...Obama's own Organzing for America, reports Judi McLeod of the Canada Free Press. The "Together We Thrive" T-shirts that starred at Wednesday's Arizona `Memorial' originated from Organizing for America (here), a sad fact unearthed by The Drumbeat of Liberty and the Preservation of Freedom editor and Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Robert Rohlfing. (snip)the mainstream media reported that the "Together We Thrive: Tucson & America" T-shirt given to mourners...(Read Full Post)