A different media strategy for GOP governors

The weasels and propagandists of the now trickling rivulet media are discovering that newly elected Republicans, infused with the principles and energy of the Tea Party movement, are not your father's Republicans. Where Republicans used to get sucked in by liberal ambush media tactics, the travails endured by those newly elected on their way to victory provided them with a healthy dose of skepticism and wholesale disrespect for the practitioners of leftist mainstream propaganda.Chris Christie was insulted and belittled every step of the way to his victory in the race for the governorship of New Jersey. He has become something of an internet hero with his educational town hall meetings and interactive public conferences confronting teachers and union members. Bypassing the press and having his speeches go directly to Youtube has greatly enhanced the nation's respect and admiration for Christie's persuasive and capable approach.When ABC's hackish bleached-blonde version of Christiane...(Read Full Post)