The Vegetative State of Liberalism

Liberal Slate's constitutional/legal expert Dahlia Lithwick has her version of a humor piece attempting to mock the ObamaCare litigation.A word to Ann Coulter: you've got nothing to worry about.Repeating a rhetorical question asked by Judge Henry Hudson in the Virginia v. Sebelius case, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli asks, if the federal government could force individuals to buy health insurance, what is to prevent government-compelled purchases of other items, even broccoli?Lithwick cites to Mr. Cuccinelli's reference to broccoli, then walks us through various conservative critiques of vegetables over the years, from Ronald Reagan to George Will, claiming they are overstated hype about her socialist comrades wanting to impose a vegetable utopia. She asks, "What is it about conservatives and their fear of vegetables?"Well, my dear Dahlia, I part from my fellow conservatives' fear of vegetables. In fact, I am an advocate of holistic health, albeit I certainly eat...(Read Full Post)