Republicans need to learn to play their hand better

After two years of shutting Republicans out of the actual negations over the historic spending bills (the so-called Recovery Act and Obamacare), now, suddenly Mr. Post Partisan is willing to negotiate on the so-called "Bush tax cuts." Republican leaders, why do you suppose that is? It's because Obama is holding a pair of queens while the Republicans have a royal flush. Rather than agreeing to one additional dime of federal spending, the Republicans should have called Obama's bluff. John Boehner could have provided a single-sentence press release for his reason to not negotiate. It might have sounded something like The Democrat-controlled Congress has been derelict in its Constitutional duty to pass a budget in 2010 and therefore we will not speak of more federal spending until we have a budget. Recognizing their position of strength during the negotiations, the Republicans should have demanded tax cuts for the middle class while keeping the tax rates the same for the...(Read Full Post)