No More 'Illegal Immigrants'?

Has no one on the Diversity Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists ever read any Shakespeare, or maybe just seen "Hamlet"?  That group, as reported on December 29, 2010 by, "is undertaking an educational campaign against the term 'illegal immigrant' seeking to inform reporters that the term 'illegal immigrant' is 'offensive' to Latinos." (Italics added; see story here.)In the play, Hamlet stages an elaborate tableaux, the famous "Mouse-trap", the play-within-the-play.  He means for the play -- spiked with adulterated dialog and discomfiting psychological acuity -- to get under the skin of the murderous usurper of his father's throne, and elicit proof of the pretender's guilt.  When the damning scene is enacted, the shaken king Claudius ups, with a start and a violent flourish in most productions, and storms from the performance.  The reason:  something too close for comfort has just been played out before...(Read Full Post)