It's official: 2 Tex Dems join Republican Party

It's official: Two Texas Democratic lawmakers have switched parties and are now Republicans. One is Hispanic. As the Austin American-Statesman reports:Both represent House districts that just a few years ago were considered Democratic Party strongholds.The party switches - the most at one time in the House in more than 15 years - give Republicans a so-called "supermajority" in the Texas House, meaning that with 100 GOP lawmakers they can pass laws, waive rules and do other legislative things with little that Democrats can do stop them.In Texas, at least, the Democrat brand is so seriously damaged, apparently, that even in onetime strongholds, legislators are jumping ship. Even worse news for the Dems:If [the GOP] win a Seguin-area seat to replace the late Rep. Edmund Kuempel in Tuesday's election, as expected, their majority will reach 101.(Read Full Post)