China defends growth principle at climate talks

As the UN climate conference moved into its second and final week in Cancun, Mexico, China said it would not compromise on issues of principle. Su Wei, the chief Chinese negotiator told the state-run Xinhua news agency, "I think we can cooperate with other parties and even make compromises on some non-principle issues, but we will not compromise on the issues of principle, such as the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol, which is the basis for a package of agreements to be made in Cancun."   The 1992 Kyoto Protocol requires the developed countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while leaving the developing countries (like China) free to pursue economic growth without any Green restrictions. The United States has not ratified Kyoto because of the asymmetrical nature of the mandates, what in UN terminology are called "common but differentiated responsibilities." It is worth noting that while other countries have sent officials to Cancun...(Read Full Post)