Seattle Transit caves on anti-Israel bus ads

The indefatigable Pamela Geller has chalked up a victory in the Seattle Transit controversy. Also on Atlas Shrugs:King County transit issued a statement that they would be refusing the anti-Israel, anti-semitic ads. It's a bad day for nazis and Jew-haters. Huge victory for us. Is Ibrahim Hooper weeping?Objective achieved: Jew-hate ads dropped after Atlas exposed their hypocrisy.But wait. It gets better. They have changed their ad policy. Isn't that special?  They refused our AFDI's pro-Israel ad. This is the heckler's veto. Truth is hate speech. This is actionable, legally actionable, IMAO. They were down with the Jew-haters until we responded with fierce truth. And then they say, never mind. Your relentless calls and letters. The Atlas bus ads, singular and hard hitting. Congratulations to all Atlas readers who made it happen. But they won't get off so easy.And congratulations to Pamela Geller!(Read Full Post)