Vanden Heuvel: Send Hither a Swarm of Bureaucrats

Katrina vanden Heuvel, who edits the leftwing The Nation, has a very democratic solution to President Obama's loss of the Democrats' House majority a couple of weeks ago.  Vanden Heuvel, a bit vexed that voters don't want to keep the left's regressive revolution going, suggests that President Barak Obama govern through executive order.No longer able to ram legislation down Americans' throats via Democratic congressional majorities, Ms. vanden Heuvel wants Mr. Obama to ram policies down Americans' throats via unelected government bureaucrats.  President Obama, who's already loosed the Environmental Protection Agency, among other bureaucracies, upon unsuspecting Americans in the underreported Quiet Regressive Revolution, might just be encouraged by Ms. vanden Heuvel's prodding and go whole hog - as they say down south.  Whole hog being turning the Oval Office into an executive order mill.  Whole hog being subverting the will of the people by breaking the federal...(Read Full Post)