The Wonders of ObamaLogic

As Americans are salivating in anticipation of the blessings of ObamaCare, the Israelis are about to experience the thrills of another wonderful emanation of the Great Mind -- the ObamaLogic.As is well known in certain circles which for some reason call themselves "progressive," and of which our President is a great enthusiast and illustrious leader, the Arab-Israeli conflict is the root of all that is wrong with the Middle East. Establish a Palestinian state -- and Sunnis will embrace the Shias, Arabs will fall in love with the Iranians, Iranians will fall out of love with the atom bomb, Darfur will turn from the scene of butchery to that of brotherly love, Iraq will become a paragon of peaceful coexistence, the Taliban will permit the Afghan ladies to freely pursue their education and whatever else that may contribute to their happiness, and peace, freedom, equality and brotherhood will reign in the Middle East forever and ever, amen. And -- I forgot to mention -- the lion...(Read Full Post)