The unreality of the 'Reality Based Community'

The insufferable arrogance of those on the left who smugly refer to themselves as the "Reality Based Community" - thus implying that those who oppose them are inferior dolts guided by religion or ideology - has just about run its course.The notion of "reality based" anything from the left is a laugher. The only "reality" they recognize keeps shifting according to whatever political point they wish to make at any given time. Creating your own "reality" has its advantages, of course, and when you have the help of a willing media to promote today's version of reality while conveniently leaving out yesterday's construct, you needn't worry about being called on it.Unless, that is, you elect ideological nincompoops who blow your whole scheme to hell: In the course of the Obama administration we have seen examples of Democrats in the White House, Congress and across the government pursuing ideological goals that are not only not based on facts and...(Read Full Post)