The Luxurious Fairmont Hotel You're Not Allowed to Visit

The Fairmount hotel chain offers some of the most luxurious hostelries on the planet, including the new Makkah Clock Royal Tower hotel in Mecca, adjacent to the holy of holies, the Kaaba. Because it is in Mecca, infidels like me (and most AT readers) are not allowed. Well, at least we know now what passes muster among high end hoteliers in the era of petrodollars. 1920s-era Terminal Tower complex, and plopped it down next to  the minaret-strewn when such a goof appears, heads will roll. This being Saudi Arabia, we can't discount the possibility that the metaphor will become literal.Update - this makes sense: The Fairmont chain is owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal's Kingdom Holdings.(Read Full Post)