The Last Word

President Obama yields to no one, bows his knee to nothing and when criticized, typically rebounds by sending detractors an undeniable communiqué. In fact, Obama oftentimes reacts to public disapproval by wresting control back from what cannot be controlled through defiant words or actions.According to Democrat pollster Doug Schoen, the upcoming midterm election is an obvious referendum on President Obama's abysmal job performance. The poll Schoen cites indicates "56 percent say [Obama] does not deserve to be re-elected." If accurate, Barack is about to receive a major pummeling at the ballot box, but plans to reestablish his supremacy by indulging in a pricey trip to India. Instead of humbly acquiescing to voter abhorrence of liberal policies, elitist lifestyle exhibitions, and retaliatory politics, Obama scheduled an extravagant post-election Asian trip, which can only be interpreted as a defiant middle finger intended for the mutineers, compliments of the Commander...(Read Full Post)