The joke's on you, kids

Democrats from Obama on down are blaming their electoral rout on failure to explain their agenda, but maybe we have heard too much of their agenda. A Washington Post column by liberal commentator Eugene Robinson asks why Democrats are not standing up “for what they say they believe:” What I'm hearing is frustration, and it's getting louder. I'm hearing the view that the Obama administration, which has done much good, can do better - by speaking clearly, standing its ground - and, when pushed by bullies, shoving back.  Robinson notes the ‘enthusiasm gap’ among the party’s base of minorities, women and young people. But who could be enthusiastic about a party that is bankrupting the country and crippling our industry, undermining our freedom and diminishing our standing? Young people in particular are ill-served by the Obama spending tsunami and job-destroying agenda.  Yet they are led down the garden path of statism by ‘hip’...(Read Full Post)