The further adventures of Michelle and Barack in India

Accompanying her husband on a diplomatic visit to Asia, Michelle Obama dropped in on Mumbai University. While Barack Obama was busy lauding the greatness of India’s history, progress and economy, over at Mumbai U Michelle amused kids who otherwise would be rag picking or sleeping in sewers. The First Lady danced “to the theme song from the 2006 Bollywood movie Rang De Basanti for street children from an NGO program called Make a Difference. In an effort to further international relations, Mrs. Obama kicked off those fabulous gold flats, banged a tambourine and danced solo, twirling before her delighted audience in joyful abandon. Besides hopscotch and freestyle Koli dancing, youthful firewood collectors, animal tenders, beggars, prostitutes, and street vendors listened intently as Michelle recounted personal hardships and sad stories about a beleaguered Chicago childhood.  When not totally absorbed in Indian exhibition dancing, the First Lady related to...(Read Full Post)