Tales of 57 States: On Opting-out and Up in Arms

As the day in November approached in the Realm of 57 States when His Obamaness would graciously pardon one random turkey so that the people might eat the rest, the Peasants' Revolt spread.  With the countdown to Turkey Day, behold, new accounts were told of how the Legionnaires of Big Sis were touching the peasants who boarded the wagons, carts and carriages that carried them throughout the land. These accounts did not pass unnoticed by the people. It was rumored, though not confirmed, that the only traveler who looked forward to close encounters with Big Sis' Legionnaires was a Senator from the State of Potato named Lawrence "Happy Feet" Craig. He would, it was rumored, voluntarily receive multiple Claire "That's the way I like it, ah ha" McCaskill's love taps by returning repeatedly to the end of the security line, until he felt satisfied. But I digress. Many centuries before the reign of His Obamaness, even before the 57 States came into being,...(Read Full Post)