Sitting Duck Syndrome.

With all of the hoopla regarding the new TSA security screening procedures, perhaps it would be wise for us to focus on the results of these intrusive actions? No, I am not referring to the "successes" shown by the TSA's aggressive new methods. Consider this: Based on everything I've read, it would appear that the TSA has NEVER thwarted any attempt by any passenger trying to get through their security with a device or intent to do harm on an airplane. Therefore, I can assume that they have not had any successes in regards to stopping an actual event. Their perceived success lies simply in the fact that many folks seem to "feel better and safer" witnessing all of the precautionary acts taking place prior to a flight.While folks may feel safer on the plane, my concern is with the opportunities now given to do damage prior to even getting on the plane. With each of the new, incremental, procedures that our benevolent government deems necessary to keep us safe,...(Read Full Post)