Show us the data

Much is now being made about the new TSA regulations and practice's being employed at airports.  But if these new scanners and, alternatively, the sanctioned gropes going on are effective, how many arrests have been made?  How many bombs or weapons have they found?  Why don't we have this info?So far the only arrest I have heard of was a guy who refused the searches.  Why are we so willing to allow the government to chip away at our sovereignty without adequately giving us cause?Here in Michigan, my home state, they banned using cell phones to send texts while driving.  Now everybody knows that it is dangerous to do that.  But how dangerous?When we were debating this I did some checking.  I was looking for stats that I expected would show an increase in accidents since the advent of wide spread cell phone use.  I found none.  I even checked with the insurance industry, who you would think would be all over this since they...(Read Full Post)