Rep. Issa's oversight committee is going to be busy for a long time

For weeks there has been a great deal of speculation regarding the future actions of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that will now be chaired by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa.He will be holding hearings and sending subpoenas to a range of government officials so we can finally get some of that transparency we were promised during the 2008 campaign - promises that were thrown under the bus when Barack Obama took power.There are the obvious topics: why was the New Black Panther Party case deep-sixed? Was ACORN a criminal conspiracy wrapped up in a community organizing garb? Were job offers in the Obama administration dangled as political favors? Were economic "stimulus" dollars wasted or channeled to Democrats under a "family and friends" of Democrats program? Do the czars and czarinas gut the Senate advise-and-consent role? Has defense spending been wasted? What is the proper role of government in the housing market and why have Fannie Mae...(Read Full Post)