President's presser shows he's in serious denial

Wittier minds than mine have weighed in on the President's post-election press conference, Jeff Dunetz and Victor Davis Hanson to name two. But it was clear from the first moments that it was going to be a dismal experience for all involved. The President began by thanking Pelosi and Reid for their "extraordinary leadership" these past twenty-one months. On what planet does this man reside? With Obama's blessings, it was those two miscreants and their minions who just cost the Democrats their biggest loss since 1938 by willfully, and with mind-numbing arrogance, governing against the clearly expressed will of the people. Then he talked about all the "listening" he has been doing! He may have listened to these "folks all across America" but then he ignored them and did exactly what he wanted to do: spend the country into oblivion, destroy the best health care system in the world, and take over so many aspects of the private sector that our heads are...(Read Full Post)