President's presser shows he's in serious denial

Wittier minds than mine have weighed in on the President's post-election press conference, Jeff Dunetz and Victor Davis Hanson to name two. But it was clear from the first moments that it was going to be a dismal experience for all involved.

The President began by thanking Pelosi and Reid for their "extraordinary leadership" these past twenty-one months. On what planet does this man reside? With Obama's blessings, it was those two miscreants and their minions who just cost the Democrats their biggest loss since 1938 by willfully, and with mind-numbing arrogance, governing against the clearly expressed will of the people.

Then he talked about all the "listening" he has been doing! He may have listened to these "folks all across America" but then he ignored them and did exactly what he wanted to do: spend the country into oblivion, destroy the best health care system in the world, and take over so many aspects of the private sector that our heads are spinning still. He proved to all Americans that our tax dollars are NOT being spent wisely but irresponsibly. He has insured that our great grandchildren will be born into debt.

The President went on to observe that "no one party will be able to dictate where we go from here." Oh my. This is apparently a shock to him. He has been doing all the dictating, refusing to even look for common ground and is now clearly peeved that his stint as a tyrant is not appreciated. Not only are we intellectually challenged, we are ingrates for failing to thank him for his massive intrusion into our daily lives.

Days after his inauguration, he snidely told the Republicans that "elections have consequences. I won!" After nearly two years of refusing to negotiate anything at all with them he wants a sit-down to find common ground! Is there no end to this man's chutzpah? He has stubbornly refused to take any of the time-tested actions that do jump-start stagnant economies. He has proven, over and over again, that he cares little about solving the nation's economic woes. He does care about redistribution of wealth, at any cost. He means to punish those who create wealth and indeed he has. As more and more small businesses close and more people lose jobs, he remains firm in his refusal to cut taxes of any kind, roll back job-killing environmental regulations, or reconsider his nightmarish and devastatingly expensive health legislation.

When the assembled reporters began to ask their questions, his obstinacy became ever more apparent.

Their questions were surprisingly not the softballs we have come to expect from the national press. Many were good and tough. But he refused to acknowledge, over and over, that the election results were a repudiation of his policies but rather were due to the voters' inability to grasp the wisdom of his works. He discounted any suggestion that his forcing an unread, massive takeover of our health care was perhaps the number one reason for the loss of sixty seats in the House. He actually said that "if the Republicans have ideas for how to improve our health care system.....I'm happy to consider some of those ideas." This is unbelievable! They tried and tried to get him to consider countless ideas better than Obamacare and were rebuffed at every turn.

Chip Reid asked about the public's abhorrence of all the spending and he blathered on, and I do mean blathered, about the debt he "inherited" without acknowledging that he has tripled that debt and quadrupled the deficit. When Peter Baker asked him about where he might compromise, he said he "has been willing to compromise in the past..." but of course he absolutely has not. Not at all. Not one bit.

When Laura Meckler asked about his intentions regarding getting the EPA to enact his unpopular cap and trade scheme, he made it clear that he buys into the completely discredited hoax of man-made global warming. Where has this man been? Does he ever read a thing beyond Saul Alinsky's rules? Is he so dim he still thinks it's a viable theory? Who knows. The public, and the press corps, is beginning to realize that he knows very little.

In short, this is a man in serious denial about the meaning of yesterday's election results. He likes to say he takes responsibility for this or that but it is clear from his presser today that he takes responsibility for NOTHING. He blames others for whatever does not go his way. Numerous psychologists and psychiatrists have weighed in on the psychopathy of this president and they all agree that he is a narcissist of one form or another. Today's press conference was a sad example of just how right they are.