Passing the Baton

After being pounded into salt during the mid-term election and betwixt bidding tearful adieus to every level of employee from schedulers to attorneys, sixty Democrats are presently packing for home.  As a result, unemployment lines are about to lengthen as 1,800 Democrat congressional staffers will soon be out of a job.  Todd Jurkowski, Alan Grayson's (D-FL) spokesperson, spoke about his devastating loss on Election Day saying: "Tears were shed. We were absolutely disappointed that this is going to end...We were good, and we were getting better." "Good," as in Grayson's accusation that the "Republicans' health-care plan was for ill Americans to ‘die quickly,'" and "getting better" as in calling Daniel Webster "Taliban Dan?" Either way, experience dictates that nothing helps a person relate to the suffering of others better than living through a similar situation.  So, after wrapping family pictures in bubble...(Read Full Post)